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The Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation provides financial assistance to individuals in need of vision and hearing care who cannot afford treatment.  Assistance is based on income and availability of funds - due to the volume of applications received a wait time should be expected.  Download our application, which can be found below, and return it to the Foundation office.  Assistance is given for sight restoring surgeries (day of surgery fees only) and hearing aids (we provide refurbished behind the ear hearing aids only). All services are once per lifetime. 


For assistance with an eye exam and glasses please contact the Foundation office at 208-338-5466 to be referred to a Lions Club located within your area.  Lions Clubs try to assist community members with eye exams and glasses, however programs and the application/review process can be different for each Club and is also based on the availability of funds.  Everyone involved with the program are volunteers and a wait time should be expected.  The Foundation does not keep track of eye exam/glasses applications or any of the review/appointment process.  Please stay in contact with the Lions Club you were referred to in order to keep track of your application.





The amount of applications from Idahoans looking for eye surgery, eyeglasses and hearing aid assistance on a daily basis is immense. Contributions to the Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation may be earmarked for our Personal Assistance Programs.  100% of your donation would assist community members see, hear, and live better.  



Application for Personal Health Care Assistance This application is for eye surgeries and hearing aids only


You may be eligible for financial assistance if you:

  • Have NO health insurance
  • Are not eligible for government assistance (Medicare or Medicaid for example)
  • Can show you have financial need
  • Provide the Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation with necessary infomation about all sources of household income


Documentation Checklist 

All applications for Personal Assistance must include copies of all the following documents that apply to your financial situation or there will be a delay in the review process


Medicaid denial letter:

  • You must show proof that you have applied for assistance through Medicaid before the Foundation can financially assist you
    • Not applicable for hearing aid assistance

If you have income you MUST PROVIDE:

  • Award letters for all income sources
    • Social Security benefits
    • Unemployments benefits
    • All types of welfare assistance (food stamps, cash assistance, etc.)
    • Disability benefits
    • Retirement pension
    • Child support 
    • Alimony
    • V.A. Benefits
  • Current pay stubs for the last 2 months
  • Most recent income tax return

If you currently have NO source of income:

  • Provide a letter explaining in detail how you're supported



Return to:

Idaho Lions Signt and Hearing Foundation 

1090 N. Cole Rd.

Boise, ID 83704


*If you have any questions about the application or any of the required proof of income documentation, call the Foundation office at 208-338-5466*



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