The Idaho Lions Eye Bank

The eye bank obtains, medically evaluates, and distributes eye tissue from humanitarian indiviudals who donate their eyes upon death. The donated eyes are used to restore sight to those afflicted with blindess through corneal transplantation and scleral grafting. Donated eyes may also be used for research when applicable.



Idaho Lions Vision Clinic

The Idaho Lions Vision Clinic provides services to low income individuals who lack vision insurance and are unable to afford an eye exam and a pair of prescription glasses.  The Clinic is staffed by volunteer optometrists and opticians on a roatating basis.  The goals of the Clinic is to provide quality vision care for the community members of Idaho and Eastern Oregon.  



Personal Health Care Assistance Program

The Foundation helps hundreds of individuals annually by providing financial assistance for sight restoring surgeries and hearing aids.


Eyeglass Recycling Program

The Foundation collects and re-distributes used eyeglasses. The eyeglasses are sorted and cleaned by volunteer Lions and many are taken to developing countries to be used by those in need.


Hearing Aid Bank

The Foundation collects used hearing aids to redistribute back into the community to those in need through the Personal Healthcare Asssitance program.  



Diabetes Awareness

The Foundation provides public awareness for Diabetes, the 6th leading cause of death. The Foundation sponsors several different Diabetes Events including a "Strides" walk in support of Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs and Camp Hodia.



Upcoming Events


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