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District Governor


Stevie Beehler

 Meridian Lions Club



Immediate Past District Governor

Bill Woods

Boise Riverside Special Olympics Lions Club


Multiple District 39 Council Chair

Don Schwartz

Malad Lions Club



1st Vice District Governor

Jay Lugo

Boise Sunset Lions Club

2nd Vice District Governor


Cabinet Secretary

Danielle Yanskey

Meridian Lions Club


Assistant Secretary

Cathy Jo Ruby

Meridian Lions Club


Special Project Secretary

Laura Walls

Boise Capitol Lions Club


Cabinet Treasurer

Patty Frison

Boise Bench Lions Club


District Committee Chairpersons

Constitution and By-Laws

John Mundt

Meridian Lions Club


Diabetes Awareness and Action

Chuck Malloy

Meridian Lions Club


Global Membership Team Leader

Rich Sykes

Mountain Home Lions Club


Information Technology

Kathy Donahue

Star Lions Club


Leo and Youth Exchange

Janis Walton

Wood River Lions Club


Leo Convention (Co-Chair)

Deanna Rostock

Boise Vista Lions Club


Nominations and Elections

Sandy Oswald

Nampa Lions Club


Pin Chair

Del Oswald

Nampa Lions Club


Sight and Hearing Preservation, Awareness and Action

Curt Kelley

Boise Bench Lions Club


Convention Chair

Jay Lugo

Boise Sunset Lions Club


Global Leadership Team Leader

Kathy Donahue

Star Lions Club



Floyd Miller

Twin Falls Lions Club


International Relations

Gary D'Orazio

Boise Bench Lions Club


Leo Convention 

Gary D'Orazio

Boise Bench Lions Club


Lions Clubs International Foundation 

Del Oswald

Nampa Lions Club


Peace Poster/Patriotism Essay Contests

Edwin Marshall

Boise Bench Lions Club


Public Relations

Nancy Berto

Boise Capitol Lions Club



Lynn Fyanes

Boise Capitol Lions Club


Zone Chair 
Walt Cochran
Twin Falls, Twin Falls Monarch, Wood River and Jerome Lions Clubs

Craig Spanton
Boise Bench, Boise Riverside Special Olympics, Boise Vista and Boise Host Lions Clubs

Pat Rohwer
Parma, Adrian, Vallivue and Caldwell Lions Clubs

Joe Jara
Star, Emmett, Emmett Gem and Cascade Lions Clubs

Lois Sutton
Midvale and Council Lions Clubs

Betty Simpson
Weiser, Payette Syringa, Ontario, Vale and Fruitland Lions Clubs

Dennis Burks
Mountain Home, Gooding, Grandview, Kimberly and Buhl Lions Clubs

Jay Lugo
Boise Sunset and Treasure Valley (proposed club) Lions Clubs

Loraine Hand
Meridian, Meridian Noon and Kuna Lions Clubs

Gene Strate
Middleton, Boise Capitol and Eagle Lions Clubs

Thomas Inek
Marsing, Homedale and Nampa Lions Clubs

Rich Sykes
Burley, Rupert, Rupert Syringa and Declo Lions Clubs



Recent Posts


Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation
Nominated for Annual Nonprofit Excellence Award


Boise – More than 100 organizations have been nominated across Idaho for the Idaho Nonprofit Center’s Excellence Award.


“We are pleased with the response from the community and impressed with the many moving stories in the 2014 nominations,” said Janice Fulkerson, Executive Director of the Idaho Nonprofit Center, which organized the awards. “We know that nonprofits make a difference in communities across Idaho every day and these awards recognize the contribution of the nonprofit sector.”


The Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation is honored to be one of the organizations nominated in the statewide program. All nominated organizations will be recognized at the Nonprofit Excellence Awards Dinner on September 23rd during the Idaho Nonprofit Center’s Annual Conference.


Our mission at the Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation is to be a humanitarian service organization dedicated to impacting sight, hearing and health. Primary services include the Idaho Lions Eye Bank, the Personal Healthcare Assistance program, the Mobile Health Screening Unit, the Lions Hearing Aid Bank and Eyeglass Recycling program. All programs offered by the Foundation are aimed at restoring sight and hearing to those afflicted with blindness, deafness and the financially disadvantaged.


Contact the Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation at 208.338.5466 or go to www.IdahoLions.org for more information about the services offered.



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 Our 2012-2013 Annual Report is here! 



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Our mission is to be a humanitarian service organization dedicated to impacting sight, hearing and health and for 45 years we have been striving to make a difference in the lives of the people in our communities.

Helen Keller’s speech at the 1925 Lions International convention was truly inspirational. She offered the Lions Clubs opportunities of service by assisting the blind and “making their lives more worthwhile everywhere by increasing their economic value and giving them the joy of normal activity.” Our vision continues to be the same and that is to hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness; no deaf or blind child untaught; no blind man or woman unaided.


Our services support the sustainability of individuals in need. This year the Idaho Lions Eye Bank facilitated and provided over 300 donor corneas for transplantation through the humanitarian giving of our donors and their families. We were able to assist over 22,000 individuals by providing sight restoring assistance through our Eyeglass Recycling program and through our eye surgery financial assistance fund. 22 Idahoans were fitted with donated and refurbished hearing aids and over 14,000 individuals received free sight, hearing and health screening through our Lions Mobile Screening Unit.

As we begin our 46th year of restoring sight and hearing to people in need, it is with gratitude to the Lions Clubs of Idaho and Eastern Oregon and to the Friends of the Foundation for supporting the worthwhile work that has helped so many individuals with sight, hearing and health needs. Our Foundation board and employees continue to be advocates of our mission and we all feel grateful for the opportunity to make a difference. Our board is devoted to our strategic plan and their efforts will leave a lasting impact. Our energy for continuing our work is strong – we are filled with big ideas for enhancing our existing programs and constantly looking for our next step to enrich the lives of the people and the community around us. We look forward to your continued support and participation.


Jay Lugo

Executive Director




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Executive Director Report

I am very grateful to be starting my twentieth year as part of the Idaho - E. Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation and the Idaho Lions Eye Bank. It feels as if it was only yesterday that I was interviewed by one of our founders, Lion Bill Hallock. My experiences have allowed me to meet thousands of dedicated Lion Members, courageous eye donor families, thankful corneal transplant recipients, and thousands of community members that we have assisted through our sight and hearing services. I will always be indebted to our founders, Lion Bill Hallock, Lion George Wehmann, and to our past Eye Bank President, Lion Woody Voyles, for their support and opportunities to grow our services in the most progressive way possible.


Our founders started the Foundation with a simple vision; to fight blindness and deafness in our communities by providing sight saving work and hearing assistance to those afflicted with visual and hearing impairments. What they did not realize 44 years ago, was that they would start a legacy. A large part of what we do at the Foundation is to continue that legacy for generations to come.


This past year has been one of the most exciting years for The Foundation and Eye Bank. We made a public announcement of our endowment campaign and in Sun Valley I was honored to announce our donors have pledged a total of 1.2 million dollars towards the future of the Foundation. We have a lot of work ahead of us to meet our goal of five million. We invite you to help us raise awareness of the Sight and Hearing Foundation by inviting a trustee to your club for a presentation or by stopping by our offices for a tour of our services.


The Foundation and Eye Bank have remained very active in our community partnerships. The Foundation is part of the United Way Health Vision Council and we have representation on two external committees with Idaho State University to help improve health care in Idaho. The Idaho Lions Eye Bank currently represents the small eye bank category on the National Eye Bank Association of the American Board of Directors; The Idaho Lions Eye Bank is also the Chair of the Technical Education Committee for the 100 eye banks in the United States. The Idaho Lions Eye Bank and "Yes Idaho" presented two bills at our Idaho State legislature this year. The two bills involving organ, eye and tissue donation passed unanimously!


Our future is very exciting. The board of trustees have put the wheels in motion to expand our eye research programs and venture into a new endeavor by providing direct optometric services to better serve those in need. Our vision is to better serve the needs of our communities and continue to be a serving arm of our Multiple District 39 Lions Clubs. I know our founders would be pleased.

Jay Lugo
Executive Director
Idaho Eastern Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation
Idaho Lions Eye Bank


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